Friday, July 16, 2010

Book Arts- Encaustic Accordian Fold

Book arts is my passion. Encaustics in my newest fascination.
Put the two together and you have an encaustic accordian book.

The board panels are joined with piano hinges.
Cords with buttons and loops provide a fastener on both
sides to keep the book from fanning out when not in use.

Side one opened out.

Side two.

Vellom pages were attached to the backs of the encaustic paintings for the narritive of the book.

Handmade paper with flower petals embedded is mounted to the back of the panel is behind each page.

The encaustic collage-paintings have moth wings and flowers embedded into the wax.
No moths were harmed for this artwork.

Detail of the button enclosure, flower, and wing with word etched into the wax.

Another detail.

Final detail.