Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Art for Healing

     On February 10th my husband had a very serious surgery. I began a handmade fabric art-book of which I could work on in the many waiting rooms; the ICU; the hospital room; the hotel room; and at home the week after surgery in between times of taking care of my husband's needs. This was a work of art to keep my hands and mind busy while waiting, praying, and hanging on to hope that "this too shall pass."

     He came through the surgery fine. Tomorrow we will go to the surgeon for the post op visit. Everything is hand stitched.

The buttons are very old. The images inside are from vintage fabric. I tried to leave some of the original print showing as I embroidered some details. I used a small dowel keeps the fabric from pulling in the center as it wraps around to close.

The black fastener is covered with intricate crochet stitches.
I did not make this. It is something I found in some trim given to me by a friend.

The text is printed onto printable organza fabric.