Sunday, March 2, 2014

I have been experimenting the acrylic gouache in still life. Although I have fairly successfully used pencil, oil, acrylic, and other media in portraying still life, I am finding it difficult to get the right ratio of water to paint… and to find the techniques that work to get the effect I am after. I see one thing but create an entirely different thing. I will not share the full studies, as I am not pleased with them. But I will share some redeeming parts that I do like. As a whole, I feel I am on the right track. It is just a long journey to get to my vision.   

My own critique: I am working too heavily. I need to back off on intensity. 
I want to loosen up some and be less calculated. 

It comes down to experience, practice, and discipline. I have little experience with this medium. My time for practice is still not sufficient to build confidence nor find the techniques that work for my vision. And although I am working on establishing a routine for working weekly, the discipline is interrupted by many other factors.

It is good to be consistently working again. I move forward while learning more about this medium. It is good to push myself. There will be more to come.