Thursday, December 1, 2011

Needle Felting

Student of the home economics class were split up into three groups. One will work learn how to embroider; another will learn the basics of sewing on a machine; and my group is learning how to needle felt. As a double objective, each group is making a Christmas ornament for the contest.

Although there was a little more space to spread out in my small office; they liked to bunch up to work.

This ornament will fit both the Appalachian Culture objective and the Recycled Art focus. The bits of yarn used for tree garland is from a yarn sample book donated by a local store that closed a few years ago. The felt, beads, and background fabric are scraps.

After a loop is attached at the top, the background felt will be cut close to the needle felted tree. Then beads will be sewn on and a backing fabric added to finish it off neatly.

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