Monday, February 8, 2010

Woodland Mirage

I’ve been working on an acrylic painting. The idea came to me upon waking one morning. The image was clear… that I don’t want to be clear in the final outcome. In other words, I want to steer away from realism on this one and paint what I saw in my imagination. I am having a hard time doing that, actually.

Another choice was to not turn this painting into mixed media. I want to be able to paint without always sticking stuff into the wet paint. I know- there is nothing wrong with mixed media. It is my medium of choice (said with giggly humor). In other words, I have trouble finding my medium of choice, since I like so many of them. This is the delicious dilemma of the multimedia artist. I’m not sure if the goal was reached as I did use an acrylic gel with fibers included.

On this painting, I wanted to have the discipline to rely solely on my painting techniques to achieve the result I want. For an artist that moves from medium to medium- mostly mixing them up, it becomes hard to let the paint do all the work. I began to long for my oils which have been stored forever. My “studio” is actually the dining room converted to hold all my art adventures. This room is part of an open living space, sectioned off with room dividers. The fumes from oil paint would invade our living room and kitchen areas. Therefore, oil paint becomes a summer medium, when I can open the windows and turn on the window fan.

I am glad to have options. I only have to finish off the edges of the canvas and I will be posting a picture of the finished work.

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