Friday, January 22, 2010

A “Visit” with One of My Favorite Artists

Yesterday was a special day. I was part of a group of five adults and 28 students who went to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to view the Leonardo da Vinci- Hand of the Genius exhibit. It was an extraordinary window into the genius of one of my all-time favorite artists. The best of this story is that you can go to the High Museum website and enjoy much of what we enjoyed (link below). From the main site, click on the Hand of the Genius tab and you will have options to hear the curator tell why and how the exhibit came to be; enjoy an interactive video of the exhibit offerings; and see a video of the installation of the 26 foot high modern-day re-creation of the Leonardo’s Sforza Horse!

I am still learning about blogs and am not sure how to begin a conversation, but I would love to begin one on Leonardo. Please join in by sharing your thoughts on this artist and his works. You can learn a lot from the link above and the internet has many other sites with information about this great artist.

I will begin what I hope will become an ongoing conversation with….

What I like about Leonardo Da Vinci and why you don’t have to be an artist to appreciate his work:

• His ability to not lose sight of the “whole” while dissecting or creating the parts;

• The fact that although he was fully aware of passing time, he assumed he could fully engage in all his pursuits… and thus put himself to the tasks at hand with no regard to ridicule;

• And his attitude that it is good to go through life as the student and the teacher, both at once.

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