Friday, September 16, 2011

My Tiny Studio- which I LOVE!

"I don’t view art as my occupation, like a job. It is more than that. For me art is more like a life song that changes melodies according to circumstances, with the words coming in the form of the media chosen."- an excerpt from my "bio" page added today. See the tab at the top of the blog. More pages will come as I have time to add them.  I felt the blog needed a little introduction of the owner.

A little corner shelf nook in my studio.
The Garfield was made by my granddaughter, Takeshia. The bead doll by Celticat, a friend from the Arts Caboret, an artist forum I belonged to years ago. The two little boxes on top of the little ceramic drawer chest were gifts from my sister. The serenity candles was a gift from my grandson, Jonathan. There are colored pencils in the top drawer and markers in the bottom. There are beautiful yarn samples in the large jar. Behind Garfield, there are pencils held in a terra cotta vase I made while I was in high school, at Osborne in Marietta. Mr. Gary Selby was my art teacher- who didn't know just what he was starting when he inspired me into the world of art! All the boxes serve as decorative storage.

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