Friday, September 23, 2011

A Sample from a Week at Work

My Office
We had a productive week at school. I partnered with a teacher to reinforce her lessons on personality types (a vocational course for job readiness) by showing a slide show of artworks by famous artists. The students were to view a number of works by each artist and determine the personality type according to the True Colors theory. Of course this was speculative but the neat thing is that most students came to the same conclusions. It helped that I chose artists which I was familiar with so I could add some insight, but most could put it together from looking at the art.

I also worked on getting my room reorganized. This is the most wonderful addition to my arts program. It is an amazing cart/cabinet that holds a ton of supplies in an organized way!!! Why haven’t I found such a cart years ago?

The Other Side
The little drawers on each side hold a LOT of essentials!
 With a cart like this, I almost don't mind teaching off a cart. But ooooohhhhhh what would life be like with a real arts center? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

The best thing that happened this week is the quilt donation. This is a quilt made from lap quilts of the Red Hills Club Ladies and finished by a dear friend and community minded quilter, who finished the quilt (and many others) as a promise to a dedicated member of the Red Hills Club who passed away last winter at age 100 years. These ladies built their lives around homemaking and serving their community. On a regular basis they would get together for charitable projects to raise funds for scholarships; donate monies from their crafts and bake sales to the needy; and have quilts ready if a home burned down to warm a family in heart and body. This quilt was donated to our Learning Center in Trust to keep with the Red Hills Club history book collection they donated to us about four years ago. As part of the on-going appreciation for the work these homemakers did for the Copper Basin community over the years, one of the things I try to do is develop programs to involve students in learning from their examples. More on our next project will be shared when the details are finalized.

Of course I also did other work but these were the fun parts- at least some of them. Next week, we have a garden project volunteer day (after school); and I have to get everything ready for our after school program starting the first week in October. Lots to do.... lots more fun!

Tomorrow, I'm off to Atlanta with my oldest Granddaughter, Angelia to see the play: Into the Woods at the Woodruff Arts Center.

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