Tuesday, February 25, 2014

After last night's post I found two more poems that I wrote which followed my face-down of the Dragon of self berating.

In the light,
a colorful light,
I could see a way out-
out of his den and free.
The colorful light now I beheld,
twas a Rainbow hovering over me.
"Don't look back.",
called the voice of Courage.
"You can win.",
said the voice of Hope.
"I will!", heard I, as I then realized,
Twas my own clear voice, which spoke.
-Angie Cook

Dragon Fire

My dreams were tried in the Dragon's fire…
But now I know that ol' Dragon liar.
I'll cease to be his puppet on strings…
Now I'm surrounded with beautiful things.
Why, oh why does he torment those,
Who are weak and in need? Nobody knows.
But, I'll tell my story and hope to defeat,
That dream-blazing, glaring, horrible beast.
-Angie Cook

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