Friday, February 21, 2014

Two years have come and gone since I last posted here. I suppose that is appropriate since it has been a two year desert-land, where survival was the main focus. 

Yes there has been art, as that is how I survive, along with prayer, love, work… etc.- but the focus of output was more in line with creative play than what I consider to be artist-worthy. There were a few good pieces but nothing felt significant. I have been drifting as an artist. 

Then an inspiration came. I could see clearly where I wanted to go. I found the medium I wanted to take me there. Made a purchase and started painting. I made a goal to do one artwork per week this year, just to make me work with a disciplined expectation. I need to succeed and fail and keep going, in order to climb these self-made walls keeping me from productivity. It doesn't matter what medium or form my weekly work is in, as long as it is original artwork… coming from my hands only. No stamped art from bought stamps; or assembled creations from purchased bauble. 

Last week I surprised myself. We had a beautiful snow-covered landscape that inspired me to make a new goal. I wanted to do twelve snow scenes. Having four snow-days (from work) and then the weekend and two days off for winter-break gave me over a full week off. As I completed each one I posted them on Facebook. What happened next renewed my self confidence and fueled the desire to push on. In the days following my Facebook picture posts- the incoming support, appreciation, and even purchases was the spark I needed to jump start this engine inside. I completed my goal, sold over half of them and now I believe I can keep going. 

I have a huge learning curve ahead with the new medium- Holbein Acryla Gouache. I have not yet reached the destination of my original inspiration which made me purchase this medium, but I have not given up. The vision and desire is still alive. So I work. 

I am making a new goal now. I pledge to keep a regular entry cycle going with this blog beginning today. Just as I create at least one work of art per week, I will enter my journey-thoughts here weekly. Hopefully this journey will reach others who either need to find their own creative journeys, or those who are curious about what an artist journey looks like. Previously mine has been overcome with self doubts at many junctures, but I am going to work on that negative self talk and lighten up a little. Not every work is going to succeed. But the important thing is to keep working. 

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