Monday, January 4, 2010

A Christmas Gift Commission

This is a job I finished just in time for Christmas (having only allowed myself little over a week to work on it). My photo of the drawing isn’t a good one, but I hope it relates the scope of the work. The door is a magnificent entry into the Coldwell Banker- High Country Realty building, in Blue Ridge, GA. The gift was from the real estate agents to the brokers- thus the signatures- which I painstakingly transferred to the finished drawing. I love the beautiful restoration job done on this historic building (photo below), and LOVE the door- making this job an enjoyable experience regardless of my crazy time-juggling at this time of year. It was also a joy to make a repeat client happy!

The beautiful photo below was taken by Takeshia Arp
(one of my talented granddaughters)

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