Monday, January 11, 2010

Exploring the Possibilities

Mixed media is an obsession of mine. It is hard to do a work of art in one medium only. Once I get started, all sorts of possibilities intrigue me into explorations. Here are two of my latest discoveries.
The first is a leaf “transfer”. The leaf in this wax collage is created by dripping the encaustic paint onto the actual leaf, then chilling it awhile in the refrigerator, and finally carefully peeling the leaf away. This leaves a wax replica of the real thing- made from a “mold” of the real thing. Lastly, I mounted it to the wax collage background by warming the under-layer and the gently bonding the wax leaf with a heat gun, being very careful to not heat one area too long.

The next collage was an experiment that went through several metamorphoses. As I worked, the art began to shape its own destiny and I just followed. When this happens, I become the audience.

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